Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scrappers Haven Kits

Hi all, been a while since I blogged, actually not scrapping much either. Taking out some time to concentrate on me personally. I am on a weightloss journey as I thought it about time to loose that extra baby weight as my so called babies are now nearly 7 years old, so like I said - about time!! I am pleased to say I have lost over 10 kilos so far and still going strong.

I have however not completely given up on scrapping, actually been working a bit for Scrappers Haven, making some kits to sell in the shop. All layouts are solely made out of cardstock and paper, no other embellishments just so to keep the cost down and ofcourse individuals can add their own stash if they like to do so.
Kaisercraft Utopia
 Kaisercraft Seaside
 3bugs in a rug - Let it snow
 Kaisercraft - konstrukt
 Kaisercraft - K-Bots
 Kaisercraft - Class of '87
 3 Bugs in a Rug - Snips and Snails
 Kaisercraft - Timeless
 Kaisercraft - English Rose
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Hugs xx

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Moonie said...

Ohh Hetty... I thought I loved the first couple of layouts... but then I kept scrolling down and saw all of them.. and they are all delicious!!

teacher jessy said...

Your work is truly amazing!! Each piece is just so beautifully made, love the details and all ur cut out is awesome ;)