Sunday, December 20, 2009

Taylor's birthday

Ohmygosh she had a blast, first up we got her tickets to go to her ultime favorite artist - Taylor Swift concert - held in Brissie in February, she is bouncing of the walls. Secondly Opa and Oma got her a voucher to get her ears pierced, which we did on Saturday. She was very brave, only shed a tear or two but luckily her best friend Danielle stayed over for the night and came to the chemist for support, which really helped her. She picked out some gorgeous pink sleepers and already got some gorgeous earrings from her bestie when the sleepers come out.

At 1 pm her party started and we made the mini photo album which was very well received by all atended, even Paris and Alicia were right into it, doing really well.

Hugs xx


CreativeMe68 said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Taylor!!!
Congrats Darlin glad you had a wonderful day!!! Love the new earrings

Merry Christmas to you and your family, hope you have a Happy New Year too!!!

sharon said...

Happy Birthday to Taylor - looks like a great day
xxx Sharon

Unknown said...

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